Logo Design + Development

The examples are of logos I have designed over the past few years

Logo Design + Development
Corporate Identity, Product, Service Branding
Goose Rox Beach
The idea came out of a texting conversation with my sisters. Goose Rocks Beach, Maine is for myself and my family one of the most treasured spots on this planet. During the course of texting about how wonderful the place was, my youngest sister texted back saying "Goose ROX!".

The design illustrates both "angel wings" for my mother, and the waves on the beach.
Wellness Oncology + Hematology

One of the most important aspects of surviving a serious illness is maintaining hope and staying in a positive light. The symbol between "oncology" and "hematology" represents both the center of a flower and the rays of the sun.

A unique stress testing + portfolio loss forecasting service that leverages a proprietary Dual-Time Dynamic technology. The process allows the user to look across vast industry data in order to gauge where they are in relation to the rest of their counterparts.
Interthinx Risk Intelligence Series

Quarterly conference calls provided to the industry – highlight areas of concern, solutions to mitigate those concerns.
Interthinx Fraud & Risk Summit

An exclusive conference extended to thought leaders within the industry.

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